Thursday, March 29, 2012

Laundry Day

I am amazed how two people create so much laundry, but, in comparison to the days when all three boys were at home, I don’t have near the amount I used to. Once or twice a week keeps us up to date, and today wasn’t a scheduled laundry day. (Not that I actually schedule them, but the hamper wasn’t full, until…)

Yesterday oldest son called and asked if baby girl (she’s now 19 months old, but her daddy still calls her that) could spend the night while they took advantage of spring break with a night away. I said of course, and Papa and I were excited with the adventure. Which was wonderful. She and I went shopping –she found a lovely pair of pink light up shoes she just had to have (grandma agreed) and I found a fabulous deal on a new comforter, shams, and bed skirt. Upon arriving home, she put on her shoes and I stripped the bed for us to put on the new covers. 

I threw the old comforter in the washer, and that’s when it happened. The laundry room flooded. I thought the drain in the utility sink was plugged, (the washer drains into it) so I started plunging—which is hilarious to a nineteen-month-old. Nope, that didn’t do it. While I was bailing out the water, son number two called to see if the other two grandgirls could come over while they went to see a movie. I said of course.

Papa took over the work in the laundry room, with three helpers, while I made supper. To clarify, when I said flooded, I meant flooded, rugs, dirty clothes, stripped bedding, etc. were all soaked. Well, wet things sound funny when they hit the concrete floor and water squishes out of them when you step on them. Yeah, you get the picture—three little girls and water. Anyway, a trip to the hardware store was needed, which was already closed, so we shut the door to the laundry room and spent a fun evening with the girls. 

This morning, after our overnight guest went home, we started in…It took more than one trip to the hardware store, but now I have new pipes and all is working well, and only one load left to go. I am so thankful Papa is a plumber as well as a mechanic. He’s a good carpenter, too, and can grill an amazing steak. All in all, I’m pretty lucky. 

On the writing side, I completed edits on my next Undone and gave the final author’s approval for His Christmas Wish this week. Currently, I’m working on an internet dating story set in Montana and an inspirational one set in Wyoming. All’s good on that front, too.
Happy Spring!


Paty Jager said...

Sounds like there was fun to be had at your house!

qifei2012 said...

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