Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Welcome Fall!

It happened whether I wanted it to or not, Fall is here so I must embrace it. I’ll dig out jeans, sweatshirts, warm socks and shoes and look forward to all the fun and adventure the cooler weather will bring.

We did end our summer on with a wonderful event. Last Sunday we had an impromptu family reunion. One of my brothers is moving to Tennessee. I’m going to miss him and his wife, but look forward to visiting them. It so happened all of his children were in Minnesota for the weekend, and I’m so thankful they all stopped by our house. My boys and their families all came over, as did more family and friends. It was a day I’ll always remember. (When my alarm went off Monday morning, I had to push snooze. It had only been 6 hours since I’d been sitting on the front porch drinking wine with my niece from Oklahoma.)

I also must say thank you to all of you who have attended my book signings! These events have been so fun. There will be another one this weekend at the Barnes and Noble in St. Cloud (Saturday at 1:00) and then again next weekend at Buffalo Book and Coffee in Buffalo on Saturday, Oct. 3 at 10:00. Hope to see more of you at those!

The final book of my Daughters of the Roaring Twenties mini-series will be released on October 1st. I’ve had a great time with these books and thank you to all of you for your support and reviews. I’m so glad people are enjoying this time period. Next up will be Saving Marina in February. Following that will be When A Cowboy Says I Do in April, and Her Cheyenne Warrior will be released during the summer of 2016.

Right now I’m working on a western set in Colorado during the railroad wars and then I’ll start working on one more western that includes a heroine who had been delivered to Kansas by one of the first orphan trains.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful events life provides!