Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snowbound with the Sheriff

Here is the cover for Chayston and Violet’s story—I’ve posted a short excerpt over at the Cowboy Kisses blog along with my post about Cody, Wyoming if you’d like to read a snippet. It will be released December 1st

Speaking of December—I’ve started my Christmas shopping. Mostly on line, I do love the ease of that. I’m really not a crowd person. I know the cold weather will soon be upon us, but I’m not looking forward to it, nor am I looking forward to putting my car away for the winter. But I will accept both. I must. 

I am looking forward to November 8th! Several family members and I are attending a Bootlegger’s Ball in St. Paul. We are dressing up as flappers and gangsters! 

Yesterday I was asked to write a special short story for Harlequin—I’ll tell you more about it at a later date—so I’m taking a quick detour from my roaring twenties story to create another one set in Oklahoma Indian Territory in 1878.

The next book to hit the market after Snowbound with the Sheriff will be The Major’s Wife in February. Haven’t seen the cover art yet, but those artists at Harlequin are so amazing, I’m sure I’ll be overly delighted once again.

Have a list of things to complete today, so must make this short. 

Enjoy life, and be good to yourself. You’re loved!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ask and you shall...

Due to requests, here are pictures of the pistol bathroom accessories I bought in Wyoming. I do love them, and I do enjoy hearing from readers, so thank you. I’m including a picture of the ‘antler’ door knobs I bought for the kitchen cupboards, too. I didn’t buy those in
Wyoming. They were on an online purchase I just couldn’t resist. I figured they matched all the ‘dead’ things hanging on the walls from dear hubby’s hunting over the years. Various fish, birds, deer heads and a very old elk head we inherited (long story) decorate our living room walls. The coffee table and lamps are made from moose antlers and I’m still on the lookout for the ‘right’ ceiling fan made from antlers to replace the one over the dining room table. I’ll find it eventually.

On to writing. I’m hoping to wrap up the final edits of my first roaring twenties story today. What a hoot this story has been. The second one is well underway too, and I’m having just as much fun writing it as I did the first one. I’m meeting a very dear friend for supper this evening. She’s going to help me brainstorm the story that blasted into my head while hubby and I were in Cody, Wyoming. This story has a ghost in it, and I need her expertise to really flesh it all out. I like to have two or three stories going on at the same time. That way, if I run into a block on one, I can work on another one while the first one gains momentum again. I have a Colorado lumber baron picking on the back of my mind I’ll have to get outlined soon, too. It’s all good and I’ll never complain. Not about writing anyway. 

Thank you, too, dear readers, for keeping Christmas Cowboy Kisses on the historical and holiday best selling lists. You are so awesome! I do hope you are enjoying Tanner and Anna’s story!

One final thing—the field trip to the apple orchard was fun. Cold and rainy, but spending the day with Isabelle gave me lots of inside warmth. Next week is the pumpkin patch with Hayley and I’m looking forward to it. They will spend Friday night with us. Hayley brought her suitcase over last night—since she was already packed. 

Count your blessings every day, you’ll be amazed by how many there are!