Sunday, July 20, 2014

July has been busy...

The Fourth of July—actually the fifth, he took his time arriving—brought our family a new member. My niece gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. He’s so perfect and a wonderful addition to our family. 

The following weekend we traveled north for a family reunion. There were over seventy of us and the hotel was so accommodating in letting us gather there all weekend. There were two new babies there, my niece’s as well as a distant cousin from California whose new bundle was born on the fourth.  

One of my brothers followed us home and stayed for a few days before heading south to Nebraska, which was fun as well. 

Granddog Bear also had his birthday. He was gifted with 116 tennis balls, and was excited as they all started flying across the yard.  

And the fun isn’t over! I’ll be leaving Tuesday morning for Texas to attend the RWA annual conference in San Antonio.  

I hope you are making this a summer to remember!