About Lauri and WIP

About Lauri:

If your visiting this page, you've probably read the 'author bios' about me located at different places on the web or inside my books...so here's the real me.
I didn't start writing until my sons were raised and out of the house....Didn't have time before then.
I didn't know how much I love wine until my youngest son and his girlfriend starting making it. Now, I'll beg them to bring me a bottle when necessary.
I didn't know how profoundly I could love until I became a grandmother. Don't take me wrong, I love my husband and sons, and their wives, and my siblings, etc. etc. If you are already a grandparent, you'll understand what I mean...If you aren't just wait and you will. Trust me on this one!
I didn't know grief until my parents passed away. It's tough being an orphan, even long after you've been a so-called adult for years and years.
I didn't know how much I needed coffee until I started writing....staying up until 3 AM writing and still getting to work by 8 AM takes coffee. 

There's plenty more I didn't know about myself, but you get the gist of it. We change. Life changes. Goals change. Inspiration changes. And you know what? That's okay. That's how it's suppose to be. So embrace it. Smile. Laugh. Love. And if you are so inclined, read a couple (or more) of my books.

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Recently a reader of this blog contacted me, asking what WIP stands for. I felt bad and really must apologize. I know how if feels to run across an acronym and not know what it means. With that in mind:

WIP stands for Works in Process. Here, I’ll post tidbits about my current projects now and again.

Currently working on books contracted by Harlequin Historicals.

Three are part of the Mail Order Brides of Oak Grove Series. A separate story includes a forced marriage between the hero and heroine. A future story I'm merely playing around with includes  the hero and heroine being involved in a train accident. And my agent is currently looking for a publisher for my story set in Wyoming with a ghost.