Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not Yet

Still no baby…but our daughter-in-law does have an appointment to be induced at 7AM tomorrow (Wednesday) if nothing happens tonight. SO, stay tuned! I will soon have pictures of the newest addition to our family.

In the meantime, here is Bear, wearing his pink T-shirt. He has stitches in his leg, which will come out later this week—thank goodness. In order to keep him from licking at them, I’ve been making him wear shirts—and changing them up to three times a day. Labs love water and can find it when no one else can! He does have one of those silly ‘cones’, but it truly is pitiful. Bear is over 100 pounds, so the cone is larger than a lampshade. He can’t go through doorways with it on, and the first day, he tried to follow Cody up the stairs, but the cone kept hitting the steps above him. In the end, Bear turned around and backed all the up the flight of stairs, including where it turns the corner. That couldn’t have been good on the stitches, so I dug out old T-shirts. 

Other news…Thursday, Aug.1st is release day for the Stetsons and Scandals mini-series! I really loved writing those two stories and hope readers will enjoy reading them! 

My editor just emailed me this morning with the title for my Christmas Undone story…Snowbound with the Sheriff. What do you think?

That’s all for now. I’ll update you on the baby as soon as I have news.  And pictures.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Coming Soon!

This time I’m not talking about a book! I’m talking about our grandson! Here is his ultrasound picture. Amazing, isn’t it? Nothing like those old grainy pictures I was shown, where I couldn’t make out a baby no matter how hard I tried! Connor, this little guy, is due on July 26th, so the countdown is on!

The girls will come here to stay while mommy’s in the hospital, and I have a surprise lined up for them—which is driving them crazy. The four-year—old asked if it was a live pony.  It’s not of course, but only because Papa insists he won’t take care of one for me. I’ll let you know their surprise afterwards—you’ll like it too. 

I’d also like to send my congratulations to Will and Kate! How exciting for them!

The Stetsons and Scandals miniseries will be released August 1st.   
This includes Rescued by the Ranger and Dance with the Rancher. A quick tidbit on Rescued by the Ranger—last fall a writer friend was driving home from Colorado and left me a message to call her. She said a book idea had come to her, but it should have come to me because it was a western historical and she writes western contemporaries. I wrote down the bits and pieces she had jotted down, but had three other stories to complete first. This spring, I couldn’t find which notebook I’d written those notes in. (I have dozens of notebooks with ‘stories’ in them.) I called her and we hashed over what we each could remember. Then I started writing, and was thrilled when my editors like it as much as I had.

Thanks for stopping by, I so appreciate it! And stay happy, life is meant to be happy.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's been a while....

I apologize for that. Time has just flown by lately. It's hard to believe it's the middle of July already! I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day! We were at my brother’s cabin and had a terrific time. We are also on countdown, waiting for our next grandchild to arrive. He is due the 27th of this month. Very exciting!

Thanks to so many for purchasing The Cowboy Who Caught HerEye! And to those who have contacted me, telling me how much you liked Carter and Molly, I’m honored. 

Next up, August 1st, the Stetsons and Scandals mini-series will be released, and after that, Christmas Cowboy Kisses in October. I hope you'll enjoy Tanner and Anna story, Christmas With Her Cowboy. Here’s the cover. Isn’t it gorgeous? Harlequin has redesigned their historical covers, and I must admit, I love the ones I’ve seen so far!

I’ll have another Christmas story in the Undone line this fall, too. I’ll of course post the date and cover as soon as I know it.

Until next time, enjoy the rest of July! Get in all the summer sun and fun you can!