Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Tiny

I found this tiny guy (or gal, I have no idea) in the woods last weekend. DH and I went up north to decorate the family graves. I’d bought solar lights in 2007 when my Dad died and they are still shining brightly every night. His headstone was the first one to have them, now the cemetery has several sets and makes the peaceful place look even more beautiful at night. 

The property we stay on was original settled by my grandparents, so I’ve been visiting it my entire life, and to my surprise this year I discovered dozens of Yellow Lady Slipper plants. They are so gorgeous, and I can’t believe I’d never noticed them before, other than they only bloom for a short period of time, so I may just never have walked along the right trail at the right time of the year before. 

Our summer is kicking off this weekend with one step-grandson graduating high school on Friday evening and another getting married on Saturday.  

I got back the galley for What a Cowboy Wants, so spent the time driving home from up north reading through that. It’s my next Undone and will be released in September, I believe.  September is also when His Christmas Wish will be released. It’s one story in Harlequin’s Western Christmas Anthology All a Cowboy Wants for Christmas. And in October, Unclaimed Bride will be released. I’ll share covers as soon as I get them.

Right now, I need to get supper on the table and continue with the edits on The Major’s Wife. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, as I know we shall. 

Smile, it looks beautiful on you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Release Day

Sing to Me, Cowboy is being released today by The Wild Rose Press!

Heather Gibson's past catches up with her one dark Texas night.  

Locked in a custody battle with an ex-husband who's looking for any excuse to take her children, Heather doesn't need any more trouble. But when a broken-down car and a dead cell phone leave her stranded at the Lonesome Steer Honky Tonk, she comes face-to-face with the one man who could jeopardize everything—including her heart.  

Country-singing sensation Lance Dugan is back in Amarillo for his grandfather's birthday and to take care of a bit of unfinished business—apologize to Heather for leaving ten years ago. Lance has fought hard and won big the last few years, but seeing Heather again makes him wonder if he's been fighting for the right things.

Finding each other again may seem like fate, but one horrible secret, buried deep, could divide them forever.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Harlequin More Than Words

Harlequin More Than Words Award is now open!

Harlequin is committed to honoring women for their good works, celebrating their accomplishments and supporting causes that are meaningful to them.  Therefore, they are soliciting inspiring stories of women who have made extraordinary contributions to their communities.  

Five finalists, selected by the Harlequin employee committee, will be up for a public vote on October 18th, 2012. The three recipients with the highest number of votes will be awarded the 2013 Harlequin More Than Words award, and the announcement will take place in January 2013. Harlequin will also make a donation of $15,000 to each of their causes. Their stories will be the inspiration for fictional short stories written by Harlequin authors and distributed for free as eBooks—all with the aim of inspiring readers to turn awareness into action by encouraging them to become engaged and make a difference.

Those within the Harlequin family, including authors, are not eligible to submit a nomination, however, I can share the news with you and encourage you to nominate someone! The nomination form is due before July 6th, 2012. You can find it and more information by visiting

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Party's Over But Not The Fun!

The Wild Rose Press’s launch party for the Honky Tonk Hearts Series was fabulous! The hours flew by, and we had a wonderful time talking about the books, the cowboy heroes, the women who love them, and the inspirations behind their stories. 

Sing to Me, Cowboy will be released May 23rd. The hero is singing sensation Lance Dugan, and the heroine is Heather Childs, who has a secret she fears Lance will discover.   

The inspiration behind this story came from the Toby Keith song, How Do You Like Me Now? 

Every time I’d hear that song, I’d think of what a great story it would make. When the Wild Rose Press put out the call for stories in their new Honky Tonk Hearts Series, I knew the chance to create the story had came to be. Of course my story is one that I made up and isn't connected to that song in any way, shape or form. Lance is a man who left Texas as a boy with a dream. He did hit it big in Nashville, but his heart is still back home. Heather is the girl he always admired from afar. She ‘married into money’, but her marriage failed even before it began, and when Lance returns home for a family gathering, he learns why. Their journey is painful, but, in the end, they get the happy ever after ending they both deserve. I really loved writing this story and can’t wait to share it with all of you. 

Its fishing opener in Minnesota, so that means Lauri gets to write. And write. And write. No one to cook for or clean up after. Other than Pooh, of course, who is relatively undemanding and good company. I will be doing a tad bit of shopping at some point this weekend. Karlee needs new shoes for the wedding she’ll be in June 2nd, so I do plan on stealing her for a few hours. Maybe we’ll buy matching shoes this time. That is if she picks some out that don't have those blinking lights in the soles.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and a blessed Mother’s Day!