Monday, April 2, 2012

Aw, April.

The wonderful month of April is upon us. Spring. Sunshine. Just makes you smile, doesn’t it?

So…Did you get April fooled? I got two of my sons. The third one had his radar out and caught on to me immediately. But it was still fun. Saturday was chilly here, but we still enjoyed a wonderful Easter egg hunt, and Sunday was gorgeous, so DH and I spent the day working in the yard and then watched Secretariat last night. What a fabulous movie! 

As April rolls around, my book, An April to Remember, comes to mind. For those of you familiar with it, I apologize for the repeat, but for new readers, I’d like to tell you more about it. The history behind this story never fails to amaze me. 

A few years ago, while on vacation in Memphis, we took a ride on a riverboat, the Island Queen. The tour guide, “Rooster,” shared the remarkable story of the Sultana, a river boat which exploded near Memphis in 1865. More passengers perished in this accident than any other American maritime disaster including the Titanic. However, due to the time of its demise, (the same month Lee surrendered and President Lincoln was assassinated) the story of this remarkable ship was swept into history along with many other Civil War tragedies.

Upon our return home, I couldn’t get the ship out of my mind, and began to research the Sultana. I knew I had to share this ship's fatal voyage, and tried to hold true to as much history as possible, while creating a love story between the two main characters. Bottom line is, the cause of the ship’s sinking was never proven, nor was anyone ever charged. The main suspect was questioned, but ultimately released, and died a few years later down in New Orleans.

The Kindle version is on sale at Amazon for $2.99 and Night Owl Reviews gave it a “Top Pick” award.  

Other book news, I wrote the dedication and reader letter for Unclaimed Bride which is scheduled to be released in November and I completed the Author Fact Sheet for The Reunion, my next contracted Undone. I hope to spend most of today working on One Chance—that’s what I’ve titled it anyway.

Enjoy the warm weather and sunshine!

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