Sunday, July 29, 2012

County Fair

Last weekend we spent time at the county fair both Saturday and Sunday. It’s one of those events that evokes childhood memories, and of course creates many more. We had the granddaughter’s over every evening this week, which was also memorable. 

I had my writer’s group meeting yesterday and once again feel regenerated. We had a lovely discussion on POV as well as several other topics. Upon my return home I received this four cup review from Coffee Time Reviews for Sing to Me, Cowboy.  

Currently, I’m doing the final read through of my internet dating story and will be sending it off to my editor this week. I was also informed my gold mine story set in Colorado will be titled Inheriting a Bride and will be released in March of 2013! 

Next out will be the re-release of Sheriff McBride the end of August. 

This coming weekend we will be celebrating our granddaughter’s second birthday. Papa and I went shopping yesterday. One of the things we bought her is a little doll that blows kisses and laughs. It’s motion activated and is adorable. It was in the backseat and the sun shining through the window was enough to set her off and she laughed all the way home, which in turn had Papa and me giggling.

Enjoy your last few days of July, and embrace August as you flip the page of the calendar.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Breaking Records

Heat records that is, here in Minnesota. It’s been hot, that’s for sure. I hosted my niece’s bridal shower on Sunday. Here’s the bride to be and her matron of honor. They’ve been best friends since they could walk. There were too many guests to fit in my living room, and way too hot to be outside, so we held it in hubby’s air conditioned garage. We had a wonderful time and I’m always amazed at how creative some people are when it comes to gift giving. (I’m a cash person. All I have to do is drive through the bank and buy a card. Lazy some may call it, but that’s okay.) One gift she received was a ‘meal’ in a box. A new baking dish and serving utensils, a box of pasta and jar of sauce, and new pot-holders to take the new dish out of the oven, all wrapped up together in a beautifully decorated box.

This weekend we are having company, an old high school buddy of my husband’s, so that too promises to be lots of fun. 

I learned today that my gold mining story has been officially titled Inheriting a Bride and will be released by Harlequin in March 2013.  Sing to Me, Cowboy is still making the blog rounds. An interview with Heather, the heroine, is up at Kat Doran’s Blog and I received this wonderful review on the story from Miss Condit and Friend’s Reads Books. 

The revisions are going well on my internet dating book and I’ve started another Undone. They are just so fun to write. 

Stay cool, but enjoy the summer, Christmas is only five months away.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weekend at the Lake

We had a wonderful weekend at my brother’s cabin. He and his wife, his kids, and grandkids, me and hubby, our kids and grandkids.  Oh, and our granddog, Bear. Here he is with one of my great nephews. Bear kept the kids well entertained, or the kids kept Bear well entertained, either way, we all had a great time. The weather even cooperated. Hot during the day for lots of water fun and cool at night for fireworks, a campfire and great sleeping.  It was hard to come home. 

This weekend I’m hosting a wedding shower for my niece who is getting married in August, so it’ll be another fun weekend. 

Sing to Me, Cowboy is still making the blog tours for the Honky Tonk Hearts series. Today I was at Katherine Grey’s blog with Brenda Whiteside and Sherri Thomas. Yesterday I hosted Brenda and Stacy Dawn over at CowboyKisses, and next week I’ll be over at Kat HenryDoran’s blog.

Oh, and I received the blurb for What a Cowboy Wants. (It will be released September 1st.)

Central Iowa, 1883

It’s been five years since Brett Richards rode out of Cutter’s Corner, Iowa, and out of Ester Larson’s life. Now he’s back to collect his orphaned siblings, and the very sight of him rekindles desire Ester thought was gone forever. The intensity of his kiss prove Brett hasn’t forgotten her either, and offer her a second chance to follow her heart. But he’s made it clear he’s going back to the dangerous frontier--with or without her…. 

I’m plugging away on my internet dating story. It’s a fun one.

Be good. Be kind. Especially to yourself. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

I hope you all have a glorious day celebrating our freedom. We’ll enjoy family, friends, and a few fireworks later on today. A friend from years ago (elementary school) whom I haven’t seen in decades is traveling through Minnesota today and plans on stopping in to say hello. I’m very excited to see her—gotta love how facebook allows us to connect with those from the past. 

I received these two wonderful covers last week. I’m always amazed by the talented people who create such wonderful depictions of the story between the pages. A gift for sure.

Both books are due to be released in September. 

I’ve sent off the query for my next Undone, and will now start on the edits for One Chance, an internet dating story with parts that make me want to laugh aloud. 

I have kabobs to put together and chill for grilling later, and a few other tasty treats to mix up, and best get to it. 

Enjoy the day. Enjoy your freedom. Enjoy your life.