Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter

We have 420 plastic eggs stuffed with candy and miniature toys, plus another dozen that will be used strictly for the scavenger hunt, ready to be hid Sunday morning. A fair amount of the wonderful—not—12 inches of snow we received on Wednesday is still covering the ground, so the egg hiding may all take place in Papa’s shop. He’s such a good grandpa and doesn’t mind his tool boxes and storage cabinets being used as hiding spots. The scavenger hunt will take place in there as well. Each egg contains a clue as to where to find the next egg until they find their final prize—the golden egg. It promises to be a fun time for sure! 

I send you all Easter Blessings, and hope amongst the eggs, bunnies, elaborate dinners, and family gatherings you have the opportunity to rejoice in the miracle the holiday is based upon. 

My agent from the Japan UNI agency sent me a lovely email this morning. The publisher who purchased the Japanese comic adaptation rights for Mail Order Husband has almost completed the Magna version. It will be so fun to see! I can only imagine how much work it takes to turn a complete novel into a comic. Some people are so very talented. I can barely draw a stick person.

The May first release date for Never Tempt a Lawman is just around the corner. Right now I’m working on the final revisions for the third roaring twenties story. The fourth story is coming along nicely, too. I’m going to miss these sisters when their stories are all done. 

I have many things to complete today, so must get off the computer and head to the grocery store. 

Happy Easter everyone, you are each a miracle and a blessing.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Glorious day!

The sun is shining and the thermometer is nearing temps we haven’t seen since last October! Yippee! I do believe old Mr. Winter is finally on his way out. The mounds of snow are yielding to the sunlight and warmth and there’s even a hint of green to the otherwise brown and dormant grass.

Let’s see…since my last post…April fool’s day was fun around our house, with everyone getting in on the tomfoolery. My seven-year-old granddaughter got me first thing in the morning with a phone call about needing a ride to school. She was beside herself with laughter when she shouted April Fools! Her little sister got in on the act, repeating the earlier call almost word for word, but then, after a thoughtful pause, asked, “Grandma, can you give us a ride to school? And this isn’t an April fool’s joke.” 

Dear Papa wasn’t done with his humor on April 1st. Last night he informed the man who owns the storage unit I store my Mustang in for the winter is out of town for several more weeks. I’d call the man on Monday and left a message saying I’d like to get the car out this week, so I was a bit disappointed to hear that, and believed it since the man hadn’t called me back. Papa then started laughing and said April fools. I informed him that he was 7 days late. Anyway…In less than an hour I’ll be on my way to get my Mustang out of storage. Another yippee!

One final yippee….I booked my trip to San Antonio, Texas. The end of July—yes, I know, July in Texas—I’ll be attending the RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference. I’m really looking forward to it, heat and all. 

Sorry to be so short, but I was lost in 1925 up until a few minutes ago—this fourth story (Josie’s) is coming together fast! I just noticed the time and remembered I wanted to get a new blog post up today since it had been a while. 

Enjoy all the little things around you (and the big ones), miracles are happening.