Monday, April 18, 2016

Books and Fairy Trees

Coming in May/June will be Her Cheyenne Warrior, and today I received a wonderful review for this book from RT Reviews: Robinson’s talent for period detail shines in her newest stand-alone novel, and the author’s dare to go retro with the classic “Englishwoman vs. Indian chief” plot might just revive an entire sub-genre. Mildly sexy and thoroughly engaging, this tale of broken hearts allowing love in once more is a guaranteed HEA. RT REVIEWS- See more at:

I’m so glad they enjoyed this book. It was a joy to write—but also one that kept me up at night making sure Black Horse was as authentic as I could make him.

Next up will be Unwrapping The Rancher’s Secret, a holiday story that will be released November 1st.

I just completed a round of revisions on my cattle drive story and sent it back to my editor and now am finishing up a few things in my ghost story for my agent. After that I’ll dig deep into a mail order bride book I’m writing in collaboration with another author. It’s the first book in my next four book contract with Harlequin.

On to other things…the weather was gorgeous here last weekend and I took advantage of it by cleaning out all of the flower gardens and putting down new mulch. The granddaughters had discovered a tree down by the wheeler trail that, although it’s still alive and well, had a hollow spot in its trunk. They of course decided fairies must live there, and that it needed to be decorated. So, while mulching, I laid some around their tree, being very careful to not disturb any of the work they had already completed to make it more enticing for the fairies.  They also have plans for a couple other tree trunks, and have convinced Papa they need a loft in the club house. He’s made a couple trips to the lumber yard, so I’m assuming that project will start taking shape soon.

Life is busy around here, but that’s what makes it fun!

Keep smiling!