Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Coming in July!

I’m super excited to tell you about my July releases! 

First up will be Diary of a War Bride. The setting is WW2 in the UK. I learned so much while researching for this book, and owe a very dear friend grateful thanks. She grew up in London and was a true treasure chest of information. This book was also extra fun because I used my uncle's name for the hero. And...I do believe this is one of my favorite covers ever!

The land girl and the US officer

July 1942

Dear diary, despite the war raging around me, I find I can’t stop thinking about the American officer, Sergeant Dale Johnson. I’ve never known anyone as brave, kind and handsome! But I promised myself I wouldn’t care this much about a man again, especially when he could be transferred at any time. Yet that only makes me want to relish our time together. Now fighting my heart feels like the biggest battle…

Then Beneath a Beating Heart will be released. This is a book I worked on in-between contracted stories and am so glad to see it being published by The Wild Rose Press! It’s a ghost story/time travel rolled into one.

Engrossed in her passion for cataloging antiques in an old home, Liz Baxter encounters the ghost of the original owner. However, Rance Livingston doesn’t believe he’s a ghost. He claims it’s 1901, and she’s his long-lost wife.  The harder she tries to convince him she’s not, the more she starts to wish she was.

Rance can’t explain how the woman wearing strange clothes got into his house, or why she insists it’s 2018, but he's convinced his and Beth’s love was so strong, her spirit would have found a way home to him. He doesn’t care about what happens in the future. He just wants Liz to realize she’s his Beth. His wife.

Through trial and errors and with a love that grows stronger with every encounter, Liz and Rance fight for what they believe will be the happy-ever-after—the other deserves, but will that mean they can be together?

I’m currently working on a few projects, including a duet of stores set in Hollywood during the Roaring Twenties. 

I’m also so excited that summer is right around the corner. We’ve already had several fun evenings visiting with family and friends on the patio and look forward to so many more.

Be well, be happy, and keep smiling!

Monday, March 12, 2018


My how time does fly! February was here and gone in a flash, but it was a wonderful month full of memories. I went to Hawaii with my oldest son and his family and we had an absolute wonderful time! My granddaughter and I rode horses along the beach on the north shore, and it’s a memory neither of us will ever forget. If you ever have a chance to visit the Islands of Hawaii, I’d say “Jump at it!” And if you’ve already been there, I’m sure you’ll agree! The entire vacation was simply fabulous! 

Coming home, as it always is, was nice too, even with the ice and snow. Before I left, another one of my granddaughters Googled ‘Souvenirs for an eight-year-old girl from Hawaii’ and made me a list of things to bring home. Which I did. I had to purchase another suitcase, but that was all part of the fun. I also brought home a lot of tasty treats and we had a Hawaiian party a couple of weeks ago. Upon which my youngest son made a dramatic entrance on his snow-mobile. There truly is never a dull moment around here. 

While I was in Hawaii, Married to Claim the Rancher’s Heir was released! Thank you, dear fans, for purchasing this book. You truly are the reason I write, and I so appreciate your support! 

Next up is In the Sheriff’s Protection. It will be released in print on March 20th in print and April 1st in ebook. This story is another addition of the Mail Order Brides of Oak Grove series. Both Kathryn and I have really enjoyed writing about the characters of our little fictional Kansas town. 

Then, this summer, there will be my WW2 story! Diary of a War Bride.  I so enjoyed writing this book. While at a family reunion last May, I promised my uncle that I would use his name in a book, so the hero of this book is Dale Johnson, and he has a brother named Ralph (my other uncle). 

I will have a Christmas story our later this year, and I’m excited to share that my ‘ghost’ story, Beneath a Beating Heart is in the final edits stage with The Wild Rose Press! This is a project I’ve worked on in-between other books and am so happy that it found a home with this great publisher!

I hope you all have been happy, healthy, and wise! And stay that way!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Now Available

Married to Claim the Rancher’s Heir was released in print on January 16th, and the ebook version will be released on February 1st
 To claim his heir…

…he must marry his enemy!

Gabe Callaway is outraged when feisty Janette Parker lands on his doorstep with her orphaned niece—though he soon realizes little Ruby is heir to his ranch! If Janette wants money, he’ll pay her off to keep the little girl in her rightful place. But all Janette wants is Ruby… Will Gabe do whatever it takes to claim his heir—even marry Janette?

Other books that will come out in 2018 include In the Sheriff’s Protection in March/April (it's part of the Mail Order Brides of Oak Grove series), Diary of A War Bride in June/July, and a story about a gambler's Christmas homecoming (titled yet to be determined) in Harlequin’s Christmas anthology that will be released in October/November. I’ll also have a paranormal story released later this year by The Wild Rose Press. 

Westerns have been my favorite stories to read and write for years, but because they are being eliminated in Harlequins historical line, I will be exploring a few other eras to write about and am looking forward that.  

I’m also looking forward to an upcoming vacation to a place full of sunshine and beaches!

Stay happy and kind.