Saturday, August 22, 2020

Sisters of the Roaring Twenties, and a Book Nook


The third book in the Sisters of the Roaring Twenties series will be available in all formats by September 1st.  The Flapper’s Scandalous Elopement is Jane’s story, and an early reviewer had this to say about the book: “Exceptional Roaring 20’s period romance with rebellion, a run-away daughter, secrets, industrialists, a Route 66 road trip, and blossoming true love.”

With this ring…

They’re temporarily wed!

Heiress Jane Dryer will do anything to escape her controlling father and the life of domestic drudgery he decrees—even elope with the handsome stranger she meets in a speakeasy! Wealthy railroad owner David Albright needs a temporary wife and Jane needs her independence, so the plan is to marry, then walk away. Only very soon, their fake marriage feels seductively real!




My next release will be in January of 2021. A Family for the Titanic Survivor. I’m waiting for the cover art to arrive, but here is the blurb:

From third class on the Titanic

…to upper-class bride?

When barmaid Bridget McGowen boarded the Titanic, she never could have imagined the crossing ahead of her. The resilient Irishwoman saves four-year-old Elsie, the niece of New York banker Karl Wingard. Swept into Karl’s world, Bridget feels like a fish out of water, except for the quiet moments she shares with him. As her connection to Karl and Elsie grows, can she break free from the shackles of society so they can be a family?


Following that will be the first in the Twins of the Twenties duet, Scandal at the Speakeasy, Patrick (Mick) McCormick story, which will be released in March, followed by his brother, Connor McCormick’s story.


Speaking of books…One of our granddaughters had found a ‘Book Nook’ on Pinterest, and thought it was something we needed in the spare bedroom known both as the play room and the Elvis room.

Grandpa made a trip to Home Depot, hauled home a trailer full of lumber, and set up all the tools on the back deck for the project to begin. With the enlisted help of her cousin, an empty closet became a ‘Book Nook’ within two days. 






Her older sister was able to help the second day, and all three were very proud of their accomplishment. So was Grandpa and I! It was so fun to watch them work together, learn how to use everything from a tape measure to a brad nailer, and then organize and decorate their new space.






The journey was as much fun as the destination, as life should be!

Enjoy each step you take, each mark you make, and be proud of your accomplishment!



Sunday, June 28, 2020

July 1st Release!

The second book in the Sister’s of the Roaring Twenties, The Flapper’s Baby Scandal will be available in all formats on July 1st.  (Print version was released June 16th.)

Her undercover life…

Her secret child

Dancing in speakeasies at night is dutiful heiress Betty Dryer’s only escape from her father’s tyrannical control and marriage plans. There she meets mysterious FBI agent Henry Randall. Drawn into his investigation—and to emotionally scarred, lone-wolf Henry himself—Betty gives in to her desire, believing this could be her only chance at love before she’s forced to wed. Until she discovers she’s pregnant with Henry’s baby!

The third book in this trilogy, The Flapper’s Scandalous Elopement, will be released in September. And the first book, The Flapper’s Fake Fiancé is on sale for $1.99 for a limited time.  

Next up will be A Family for the Titanic Survivor, releasing January 1st.

We’ve been completing more projects around the house this spring/summer, including removing several trees, which involved me being the operator of the front end loader—which I prefer, because I have no desire to run a chainsaw—and replacing our back deck which had been in great need of attention. We’ve also been enjoying alternate ways to celebrate birthdays and special events. I hope the same for you.

My wish is for all of you to stay well, happy, and healthy, and kind.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Release Day!

The Flapper’s Fake Fiancé, the first book in the Sisters of the Roaring Twenties miniseries is now available! I loved writing this series of sisters, Patsy, Betty, and Jane. 

Betty's story, The Flapper’s Baby Scandal will be released in July and Jane's story, The Flapper’s Scandalous Elopement will be released in September!

And yes! I'm so excited that The Flapper’s Fake Fiancé is my 40th book with Harlequin!  

 An inconvenient attraction…

To her convenient fiancé!

Patsy Dryer may be a biddable heiress by day, but nothing will stop her from dancing all night in Hollywood’s speakeasies—or fulfilling her dream of becoming a reporter. She’s investigating the mystery of an escaped convict with brooding, handsome newspaper editor Lane Cox…until they must pretend to be engaged! With their scoop linked to Lane’s tragic past, dare Patsy hope for a happy ending for their own story, too?

Next up: I recently finished the first draft of a story set in 1912, where the heroine survives the sinking of the Titanic. It was a very fun book to write, and I often found myself lost in the research rather than writing.

Then: I’ve just plotted out two books set in the 1920’s again, brothers this time. Patrick and Connor McCormick.

The world is a bit crazy out there right now, so take care of yourselves. Relax. Pray. Enjoy the times of being home with your family. Keep in contact with those you can’t visit right now. We are going to make it through this and come out stronger. United we stand.

Blessings to each of you!