Friday, March 23, 2012

The Weekend is Here

Our youngest granddaughter arrived at eight this morning, left at two, and the other two arrived at two-thirty, one left at four-thirty, the other stayed and went out for supper with Papa and I, (her sister has a ‘date’ with us tomorrow night), and we took her home at eight. It was a wonderful day and very busy. 

We have a busy weekend, including taking the oldest granddaughter with us to the Wild Turkey Federation Banquet tomorrow evening. Tomorrow morning and afternoon we will be Celebrating the Life of a wonderful man who is already greatly missed. He was 96 years young, and I feel so blessed to have known him. 

I’m working on edits for another Undone, and received the final galley of His Christmas Wish to read through. It will be released in October. And tomorrow there will be a post about the Lumberjack Sister, who makes a cameo appearance in A Wife for Big John, over at Sweethearts of the West.  

Be happy, be kind, and don’t be afraid to love. It’s worth it.

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