Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SHEESH! I've been tagged!

THANKS Paty Jager for tagging me on a night I had to work until 10:00! You owe me cup of cyber tea! Or maybe highly caffeinated coffee! LOL

The rules:
1) Link back to the person who tagged you. 2) Post the rules on your blog. 3) Write six things about yourself. 4) Tag six people at the end of your post by posting links to their blogsites. 5) Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their site. 6) And let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Now the hard part… Six random things about me.
1) I love wide open spaces, where your eyes can see the earth touch the sky. 2) I hate water, i.e. lakes, rivers, etc. I cringe every time I have to drive on a bridge. (Yes, I live in Minnesota and have to drive over them constantly.) 3) I’m a terrible picture taker--both in front of and behind the camera. 4) I like peace and quiet and do not enjoy traveling to big cities. 5) I love history, and would love to time travel back to the old west.6) My ‘dream car’ is a 65 Mustang convertible. RED.

Now for 6 unsuspecting people to tag. Hmm....How about…
Phyllis Campbell
Bess McBride
Tricia Ann Woods
Leanne Tyler

Have fun!


Catherine Bybee said...

Holy Cow, blogger tag...
Okay, I'm up!

Paty Jager said...

Wow, Lauri, we have way too much in common!

You had a horse and a dachsund as a kid. Your dream car is a 65 RED mustang convertible, I would love to live in the times of my books, I hate having my picture taken, and I love the peace and quiet.

Are you sure you aren't my twin that was taken away at birth??? LOL

Thanks for playing!