Monday, April 14, 2008

A Romance Writer is also a Romance Reader

I’ve always enjoyed reading, I remembering spending a whole summer in my brother’s tree fort reading the Box Car Children series for a box car book marker from the local library. I haven’t changed; I can stay up until the wee hours of the morning finishing a good book. Historical romances are my favorite, and I only remember one book that I never finished. It sat on my nightstand for a couple years at least. I moved it to the book case in the spare bedroom for several more before I finally admitted I wasn’t ever going to finish it and gave it to Good Will.

Well…I now have a second one sitting on my night stand. It really bothers me- I don’t like leaving things undone. BUT, I just can’t get the gumption to finish this one. It’s a romance, by a best selling author, and it’s even autographed. I met her last fall and this was her latest release. Part of the reason may be because it’s a contemporary, but I’ve read several other contemporaries since starting this one. I really can’t pinpoint what’s wrong with the book. I like the hero and heroine just fine. There’s a compelling plot, some tension, some humor, etc. etc. I don’t like how many points of view the author gives us, but I can’t say that’s the reason I don’t want to read it either. Yet, I can’t seem to just ‘put it away’ and decide to never finish it…

Have you ever had a book you just couldn’t finish?


Paty Jager said...

Yes! I've had several I haven't finished.

I enjoy reading always have, it was my way to travel the world as a youth and enjoy grande adventures and expereince love's firt kiss as a teenager.

Now, I don't have the time I did then to sit and read for hours. My time is valuable and I won't waste it reading something that doesn't interest or grab me.

I had a book like yours. Sat in on a multi-pubbed author's workshop. Loved her sense of humor, her freindliness, and sat next to her at a book signing. She gave me an autographed copy of her book. But I was disppointed. It wasn't humorous, and the two main characters made me want to gag. I tossed the book and I doubt I'll even give another one of her books a try. I hate feeling that way, but I gave it three chapters and that was being generous.

Lauri said...


I feel like I was just given permission to put it in the box to donate to my local library!