Thursday, May 29, 2014

Outdoor Tea Party

We had two of the granddaughters over yesterday and one of the many things they did, was have an outdoor tea party. They had spent the night and Grandma forgot to pull the blinds down in the playroom—where we all slept on one futon—which meant the sun filled the room by 5:30 AM. From that point on both girls were up and at ‘em, and barely slowed down all day.

Papa and I went up north to decorate the graves last weekend and had a wonderful time visiting family and friends. There was also plenty of work to be down around the property, but we still were able to bring home some wonderful walleye fillets.  

This weekend my friend and I are off to the Antiques Roadshow! Dear Hubby gave the pony car a thorough once over to assure safe travels, our hotel is booked, and the route is set. Tomorrow we’ll jump in the car and head west. We both have chosen what to bring and are excited to learn more about each item. I’ve settled on an old gun and a vintage child’s bandito suit. I’ll fill you in on all the excitement in my next post.

Until then, make every day a good one!

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