Monday, June 30, 2014


Not sure what has happened to my last couple of posts. They show up as published in my post list, but I don't see them here….Strange.

Anyway….all has been well here on the home front. 

The trip to Antiques Roadshow was wonderful, other than the drive home in monsoon rains. We arrived in time to take a driving tour of Bismarck and get all settled in our hotel before enjoying a wonderful meal. Our ticket entrance time was 9:00 am and we were all done by 11:15. The appraisers were all so nice and informative, and watching what others brought in was utterly amazing. We saw one person get pulled aside for filming—nope not us—and all in all had a terrific time!

The amazing month of June brought us many wonderful adventures with the grandchildren. Sleep-overs that included watching a 3-D movie with Papa on his new ‘smart T.V.’, picnics, parades, and a wonderful Father’s Day. The flower beds are blooming and the berries are starting to turn red. Summer fun is well underway. 

July will start off with a bang for the 4th, then a family reunion, and end a trip to Texas for RWA.

On the writing side, I finished the first draft of the 4th roaring twenties story and sent it off for critiques. Josie and her trips to Duluth were fun and a bit harrowing at times.

Next to be released will be “The Wrong Cowboy” on November 1st.

One mail-order bride in need of rescue! 

All the rigorous training in the world could not have prepared nursemaid Marie Hall for trailing the wilds of Dakota with six orphans. Especially when her ingenious plan—to pose as the mail-order bride of the children's next of kin—leads Marie to the wrong cowboy! 

Proud and stubborn, Stafford Burleson is everything Marie's been taught to avoid. But with her fate and that of the children in his capable hands, Marie soon feels there's something incredibly right about this rugged rancher and his brooding charm…. 
Stay happy and keep smiling, it makes you beautiful inside and out.

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