Sunday, July 29, 2012

County Fair

Last weekend we spent time at the county fair both Saturday and Sunday. It’s one of those events that evokes childhood memories, and of course creates many more. We had the granddaughter’s over every evening this week, which was also memorable. 

I had my writer’s group meeting yesterday and once again feel regenerated. We had a lovely discussion on POV as well as several other topics. Upon my return home I received this four cup review from Coffee Time Reviews for Sing to Me, Cowboy.  

Currently, I’m doing the final read through of my internet dating story and will be sending it off to my editor this week. I was also informed my gold mine story set in Colorado will be titled Inheriting a Bride and will be released in March of 2013! 

Next out will be the re-release of Sheriff McBride the end of August. 

This coming weekend we will be celebrating our granddaughter’s second birthday. Papa and I went shopping yesterday. One of the things we bought her is a little doll that blows kisses and laughs. It’s motion activated and is adorable. It was in the backseat and the sun shining through the window was enough to set her off and she laughed all the way home, which in turn had Papa and me giggling.

Enjoy your last few days of July, and embrace August as you flip the page of the calendar.


Stephanie said...

The doll sounds to cute for words. She'll love it. We are getting to county fair season here. I'm so glad I was able to raise my kids in the country. They showed pigs and had a ball.

Lauri said...

I think she'll love it, too, Stephanie!
Showing pigs had to have been fun! I always wanted to do something like that! Thanks for stopping by!