Saturday, April 14, 2012

One Purple Thumb

That’s what I have. One thumb nail is purple. Isabelle and I went shopping last week and we stopped at Sally’s Beauty Supply for shampoo, where she found hair paint. Purple. Yes, I bought it. Why not? When they were over on Friday I painted both her and Hayley’s hair. In the process my hands got ‘painted’ and it all washed off except for the thumb nail. It wouldn’t be so bad except I’d just had a French manicure. The other nine nails still look wonderful. Oh, well, the girls loved their purple hair, and one thumb is a small price to pay for that much enjoyment. 

I volunteered at the library this morning for a ‘Princess Tea Party’. (Yes, with one purple thumb.) The granddaughters were all busy and couldn’t attend with me, but it was still a wonderful time, and all twenty-four princesses in attendance were so beautiful in their gowns and crowns. 

I received this wonderful cover for A Solider for Christmas. This story was originally in the An American Rose Christmas Anthology, but will be re-released by The Wild Rose Press as a standalone story later this year. 

I finished my online dating story (Nick and Sandy were a fun couple to write about) and sent it off to both my CP and beta reader. That’s always a good feeling, and I always look forward to the input I receive back from both of these wonderful women. Now I’m working on an historical inspirational story. It’s an exciting adventure for me. A fellow writer read the first three chapters and gave me invaluable insight about writing inspirational stories, and I’m having a great time with it.

That’s enough for today. The weather is gorgeous and the dog is begging for a walk. I must oblige. 

Be good, love, and have fun—even if it gives you one purple thumb.


Paty Jager said...

There is nothing wrong with purple finger nails. I have them quite often as it's my favorite nail color! Glad you had such fun with your granddaughters.

Anonymous said...

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