Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Collage of Things

Last Friday the oldest granddaughter was here all day, and her little sister arrived later that afternoon for them both to spend the night. We ended up going to the grocery store together, hence the pony picture.  Anyway…That morning the oldest, now five and as opinionated as her daddy was at that age, helped with some household chores, which included mopping the kitchen with our Norwex mop. (I LOVE those products.) Shortly afterwards, Papa jutted in and out. Well, it’s winter in Minnesota, so therefore he left a few tracks on the floor. With her hands on her hips, granddaughter says: “I realize he may own this place, but you’re the one that does all the cleaning!” Oh, yes, be assured Papa got a ‘talking to’ the next time he jutted in. 

I had a wonderful and long phone conversation with my HQN editor last week. (Oh, how I love her accent and find myself listening to how she says things instead of what she’s saying.) We discussed goals and opportunities for the year, and I’m so excited to get them all in motion.  Here’s the cover for Testing the Lawman’s Honor. (Such talented people those HQN folks are.) It will be released February 1st, but can be pre-ordered now and delivered directly to your reading device on the first.

I’ve one more story to complete the edits on and then can focus on my new one. It’s a contemporary, set in Wyoming. I do love that state. BTW, have I mentioned I’m one of the bloggers over at Sweethearts of the West? Every other day there’s a new post from some awesome writers. Stop by if you have a chance. I’ll be posting on the 24th about some things I learned while we were in Wyoming last summer. Weird but interesting stuff. 

Received the contract for the comic version of Mail Order Husband for my review and acceptance, and to my surprise there was a second offer. Not for the comic version, but the e-book version. It’s seems the Kindle is just now making a splash over there and the first publisher I worked with would like to offer Mail Order Husband as an e-book. Since their first contract was only print, this one covers electronic versions. What a lovely surprise. 

 Be kind. Be happy. And wipe your feet off at the door…actually, while we were in Wyoming I saw a sign that said “If you’re not GOD or George Strait, take off your boots.” I might have to order one of those. Then again, I don’t mind wiping up the floor now and again (Papa usually is very good about that) and he does own this place—just one of the things I love about him.


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