Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, the last of the company has departed, including a beautiful pigeon that arrived on the front doorstep too exhausted to fly anymore Sunday evening (after two days in a cozy box in the kitchen, he/she informed us this morning he/she was ready to leave and gracefully took to the sky), the tree is down and the stockings put away, so the holiday season must be officially over. 

We had a stupendous New Years Eve party here at the house. All of the kids and their families as well as additional friends and out of town family ate until we were busting at the belts, watched a display of beautiful fireworks that glistened in the falling snow, had a snowball fight (we just couldn’t resist and I must apologize again for the snowball that hit Jackie—I sincerely was aiming for Cody!), and then built snowmen, including a miniature one on top of Papa's car which delighted the girls to no end. The following morning, the snowmen looked liked they had gotten into the margaritas after the rest of went to bed after the midnight countdown.
Thanks to so many who have already purchased Disobeying the Marshal! What a thrill to have a release on the first day of the year! The next one, Testing the Lawman’s Honor will be released on February first, and is already on Amazon for pre-orders. Just the other day I was informed Sing to Me Cowboy will be released on May 23rd

I’m in the midst of edits for my gold mining story and loving every moment of it.

A new year wouldn’t be complete with a goal of some kind, so mine for 2012 is to dance more, celebrate every day as it arrives and ends, and love the life I’m so blessed to have.

Happy 2012 everyone!


Paty Jager said...

Great resolutions!! I never make them. I set goals all year long so I don't see a need to make one at the beginning of the year.

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