Friday, August 26, 2011

Release Day!

For a Sister’s Love is now available, and it’s only .99 cents! This book about sisters, Loralei and Maggie Holmes, is two stories in one. I wrote the younger sister’s story, Loralei, and Paty Jager wrote Maggie’s story, the older sister. It was a fun experience to collaborate with Paty on creating the back stories, settings, characters and research.

Lorelei and Maggie Holmes make a desperate vow to reunite after an Indian raid on their wagon train leaves them orphans. Eight-year-old Lorelei is taken in by an impoverished family headed to a Colorado mining town and ten-year-old Maggie finds herself on the way to Portland, Oregon to live with a woman widowed during the Indian attack.

Ten years later, Lorelei’s adoptive father gambles away her birth mother’s locket and her only connection to her lost sister. Believing she needs the locket and to find Maggie, she sets out after the gambler and ends up in the company of a citified lawyer searching for the same man.

While cleaning a hotel room, Maggie discovers her mother’s locket in the possession of a gambler. Fear for her sister increases Maggie's determination. Never one to give up, she dogs the gambler until he agrees to help her find her sister.

Two sisters, two adventures, will they find one another or will the men helping them be their destinies?

An April to Remember is still on sale for .99 cents, too. I’m not sure how long it will stay at that price, but it’s been fun to offer a story at a discounted price.

Life on the home front has been busy as the summer winds down. Family will be arriving from Iowa next week and we’ll head up north to enjoy the woods and some fishing.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and stay safe!

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Paty Jager said...

Yay! ;) The sisters book was fun collaborating with you.