Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bubble Baths

I love bubble baths. Just to sit and soak, meditate a little, or once in a while, read a book with bubbles up to my neck and steam clouding the room (though I do refrain from using my Kindle there), is one of my favorite ways to relax. Romance novels are full of bathtub scenes, I’ve written plenty myself, but that is one place where reality, as it was, is somewhat exaggerated. The tub in this photo is barely three feet long and a foot high, not much room for soaking, let alone anything else. But, then again, even though historical authors spend a lot of time researching to make sure they are portraying history correctly (no zippers on clothing for instance), novels are works of fiction. A story woven for entertainment, one that takes the reader to once upon a time and happily ever after. A form of relaxation and stress release, not so different from a bubble bath.

I’m happy to say I’ve finished my mail order bride story, sent it off, and have moved on to my Christmas story for the Harlequin anthology. The heroine of this story is named Cora, and I simply love that name. Don’t even know how or why I chose it, but I do like it. And her. She’s a persistent gal. Which reminds me, I will update my WIP page.

Our youngest granddaughter turns one this week, with a big party planned for Saturday, and I’m hoping to make it up to Braham for Pie Days on Friday where my writer’s group will have a booth. Have a lot to get done between now and then, so I’ll close for now.

Remember to relax and recharge…perhaps take a bubble bath.  


Paty Jager said...

You're right the tubs were small, but who can resist a bathtub scene between the hero and heroine? I know I've written plenty.

Lauri said...

My thoughts exactly!

Caroline Clemmons said...

Lauri, I love mail order bride stories. Can't wait to read yours!