Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Day!

Oh, goodness, what a glorious day! Too fabulous to let it go unnoticed, I took a long walk. Listened to the birds. Noticed the deer tracks in the spring mud. Relished the sight of spring mud!
All of it.

I do believe it will soon be pony time! Just this morning a friend from Kansas called. He’d seen a car just like mine, (with the ponies on the side) and thought we were in town and hadn’t let him know. I had to say it wasn’t us, that my car is still in storage—but not for long!

Wow…thanks to so many for celebrating the release of Wildcat Bride! I received several wonderful emails—from people who bought the book and read it immediately. Here’s a snippet from one:  “Thank you for the newest Quinter book.  We loved it!  Ma’s next….Keep your wonderful stories coming.  The only regret we have is that we come to the end and have to wait for another release.” She explained both she and her husband have enjoyed the series.  

I’m humbled. And so very grateful.

Next release: Nights with the Outlaw, my next HQN Undone will be released May 1st. As soon as I get a copy of the cover art, I’ll post it. The pre-buy link is up on AmazonAnd once more, I must express my thanks to those who have already reserved their copy.

Do me a favor…turn off the news for a day, ignore any negative thoughts, and just immerse yourself in the abundance of wonderful things surrounding you.

Life is good.

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