Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Research Tidbit

I love research, and lately I stumbled upon this bit of information:

In 1880, thirty-nine years before National Prohibition, Kansas legislators passed an amendment that made it illegal to manufacture or sell intoxicating liquors in the state. Many saloons operated illegally, or became known as ‘private clubs’ depending on local laws. Of course druggist and doctors could dispense alcohol for medicinal purposes. A saddle sore or boil was an often aliment, and one report said depending on the size and location of the boil, the prescription for treatment could include up to 12 pints of spirits and 30 bottles of beer—all of which was to be consumed within eleven days.

Hmmm…makes you wonder about Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Saloon, and “Doc” on Gunsmoke, doesn’t it?

Speaking of “Doc”…Several years ago my aunt and uncle purchased a house in Burton, Kansas. The home had a closet that every time you closed the door, the light came on. Turned out the home was originally owned by Milburn (“Doc” on Gunsmoke) Stone’s mother, and she had been the local telephone operator. The closet was where she had the switchboard and the light switch was installed in the door frame.

Cold here again today, with dangerous wind-chill advisories. The edits on the contracted UNDONE stories are going well, and my mother came up with a story line that’s rolling around in my head. People often say they have a good idea for a story or that I should write one about them—I haven’t used one before, but her idea has really intrigued me. Of course, I do need to finish several others first.

Stay warm, be happy (yes, it’s a choice), and enjoy the day!

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Paty Jager said...

Fun information!

sometimes ideas can come for things people say.

Stay warm!