Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As many of you know, I received a Kindle for Christmas, and yes, I’m still loving it. I tucks so nicely into my Miche purse (of which I just got two new shells). The Kindle makes it is so convenient to read a few pages while waiting practically anywhere, and it’s eliminated that stack of books on my bedside table.

It seems every time I pull it out, someone either says, “Oh, I got a Kindle (or Nook) for Christmas. I love it!” or “Is that a Kindle? Can I see it? I’ve been considering getting one.” Once in awhile someone will say, “I’ll never get one of those. I love the feel of a book too much.” Or “That would make my eyes hurt.”

It seems e-readers were the gift of the season, for all ages. Sales in e-books have continued to increase since December, and libraries have seen a drastic increase in people ‘borrowing’ e-books. (I still have to figure out that app.)

As for the eye-strain, or the feel of a book…In my opinion—it’s inconsequential. Eye-strain happens if you do one thing for too long, including reading paper books. And I still can hold a book between my hands. I have shelves of them; have even picked up a few since getting the Kindle. For me the e-reader is a welcome alternative, not an end-all to how I read in the past.

Okay, enough opinion sharing. I’m off to my WIP. I left the hero and heroine in a cave with a bank robber last night, and am anxious to see what happens.

Create memories today. You’ll be glad you did.


Paty Jager said...

My new phone has the kindle app and I've been reading on it like crazy (Now that I have the extra time to read) I agree it was so much nicer to have three boosk on my phone when I went to Texas last month than to pack three books in my carry on baggage. Yes, I go through one and a half books per trip when flying each direction. I'm a nervous flier and keep my nose in the book from the minute I sit down int he plane until I walk off. And it seems our plane trips are never short ones. Alaska, Texas, next month I to to Louisiana. so I love the portability of the e-reader. But I love my volumes of research books. I like tagging the pages and highlighting information I may need more than once. I don't see doing that with a research book on an e-reader.

Looking forward to reading your next book!

Gianella said...

It's so nice to have come across a blog which talks about books. I am a lover of books as well :)