Thursday, January 27, 2011

It wasn't a dream...

I’ve been down with a rotten, kick-my-butt-big-time cold. The kind not even DayQuil/NyQuil helps to conquer. After two days of crawling out of bed for purely essential reasons, I do believe I’m on the mend. Yeah. To prove I’m not just whining about being sick, this is what happened yesterday…

I had to send an email for work, so I dragged myself out of bed and used my Blackberry to send the email since turning on the computer would have been too much work. I then glanced at my personal emails. There was an email from my Harlequin Editor. I read it, but being so fuzzy headed, I went back to bed. Hours later, I woke wondering if I’d dreamt the email. I got up and turned on the computer, after 100+ emails downloaded, I scanned them, and... It hadn’t been a dream! There was an offer for a three book contract for their Undone Line. I read it, twice at least, and then, went back to bed. Today, however, I’m alive enough to appreciate it.

I have people ask all the time, what is an Undone? They are historical short stories that are highly sensual. At fifteen thousand words or less, they are available only in e-book, and depict a highly charged, emotional snapshot of two characters at a turning point in their lives. Being so short, there isn’t much room for back stories and the characters have to hit the page fully developed and running (so to speak). For me, this makes an Undone more difficult to write than a full length story, but the editing is much easier because of the length, which is a nice payoff.

Harlequin is very open to new writers in this genre, so if you’ve ever wanted to sub a story to them, this is the line to try. Their guidelines are on their website.

I’m off now, to complete a few chores before my energy wanes. Have a great week all!

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Paty Jager said...

Congrats and I'm still waiting to hear something.

Glad you're feeling better!