Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coldest Night of the Year

The local news station posted on facebook that tonight will be the coldest night of the year. It’s already -12, and still falling. I’m thankful DH made room in the garage for my car since I have to have my mom at the hospital by 8:00 AM.

We watched all three granddogs last weekend. When the neighbor dogs trekked through the woods to say hi, they were ecstatic to see the company. All five dogs, three labs, one collie, and one pug, had a hayday playing in the snow, and went through a full bag of t-bone treats.

I attended “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” musical today with my granddaughter’s preschool class. Her first bus ride! It was a wonderful event and the kids were great. Then I went to a purse party this evening. Tomorrow, after getting my mother settled home with my brother and sister-in-law, Jess and I will attend fundraiser we’ve planned for a friend.

Nope, cold weather doesn’t slow down Minnesotans.

On the writing side: If you haven’t had a chance to vote over at Siren, the voting is open until Feb. 1st. I finished the edits for an Undone and sent it back to my editor, and have completed another couple chapters on my WIP. The interview with the gold miner from Nevada was so educational!

A final tidbit before I close, if you want a delicious nightcap, try a cup of hot chocolate with a splash of raspberry Schnapps—it’s like drinking a raspberry truffle!

Warm or cold, have a wonderful week!


kjcampbell73 said...

HI, My name is Kim and I just stumbled across some of your books on Amazon. I had to look you up. I saw the Wedding Night with the Ranger but Amazon only had it for a Kindle. So I found it at EHarlequin books. I cant decide if I want a Kindle just yet. I also dont know if I want to spend the money for one either. But I must say I love the way it feels to turn the pages of a book. I know that probably sounds silly, but I kind of like it. Anyway, I hope to enjoy your book. I will let you know...Thanks and have a Warm Night... Kim

Paty Jager said...

Lauri, keep warm! We had almost that cold weather here a couple weeks ago. But we're up to a balmy 45 today! Yeah!

Congrats on all the writing. I'm peppermint schnapps in my hot chocolate person. ;)

Lauri said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kim, and thank you for buying Wedding Night with the Ranger. Please do let me know your thoughts!

I do like my Kindle, but I do agree with you, I love the feel of a book in my hands. I also like to 'see' how close I am to the end, especially when I'm really into it and don't want it to end. LOL.

45! Oh, Paty, I'm so jealous! We are edging above zero today, so I'm optimistic for the up coming week. Peppermint sounds yummy, I'll have to try that.

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