Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best books of 2010

I received notice that Wish Craft has been nominated for Siren’s Best Book of 2010 awards in the western category. Voting runs from Jan 10th to Feb. 1st. Every reader/voter has a chance to win one of three prize packs consisting of e-books. You can only vote once per category, but can vote for in all eight categories, and each vote gives you another entry into the contest. Here’s the link and if you have a chance, I’d appreciate your vote.


After intensive studying of Quantum jumping, Jayden White embarks on a journey one hundred and twenty years in the past for two reasons—to aid her sister’s financial crisis and to meet the man she’s come to know through an old family diary.
The night Levi Grimshaw asks his long time sweetheart to marry him he arrives home to discover a strange young woman sleeping in front of his fireplace—trouble is she’s not a stranger to his heart.

Our local high school holds a Poetry Out Loud contest every year, in which students choose a poem to recite for an audience. I’ve had the pleasure of being a judge since they first implemented this program, and I must say, it’s not only fun, the kids do an awesome job! The contest was held today and I listened to 78 recitals. It was phenomenal!

For the past few weeks I’ve been researching gold mining in the 1800’s for my latest WIP. I found lots of information, but not exactly what I was interested in. Then I came across a modern day prospector and emailed him to see if I could ask a few questions. He not only answered my questions, but sent links and videos and we have set up a phone interview that I’m really looking forward to. This story is really flowing, and I’m enjoying writing it immensely.

The neighbor dog is knocking at the door for her evening treat, so I’ll sign off. Enjoy the day, make it one to remember!

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Paty Jager said...

Voted! Isn't it awesome when you find someone who goes out of their way to help you research?

I've been researching cavalry stuff for my latest.