Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kendra's Choice

My next release will be Kendra’s Choice on Oct. 7th. It’s a short, hot story and will be available only in e-book.

Here’s the blurb:

Kendra Parker needs a man—it’s research for Widow Swanson’s article, “What Every Woman Needs to Know about Her Marriage Bed.” But the sparse population of Eastern Colorado in 1883 doesn’t offer many choices, until Major Marlow arrives.

Sterling Marlow rode into the Parker farm in time to celebrate the wedding of one of Kincaid Parker’s daughters. But it was the Pastor’s older daughter, Kendra, who caught his attention. Her seductive body wanted him, and who was he to deny the needs of a young woman?

And here’s an excerpt:

A coy smiled twisted her mouth as the tip of her tongue slipped out to moisten pink lips. Sweat popped out on his neck, he tensed against the shiver rippling over his shoulders.

Kendra Parker lowered her hand from her hair, held it out to him.

It took every once of control not to grab her hand, pull her against his chest, and kiss the hell out of her. He’d never met a more beautiful woman, nor had one made love to him with their eyes before. Damn! He was wound tighter than a diamond back. Exhaling, low and slow, he reached for her hand.

“Miss Parker,” he greeted, wincing at how his tone was a good three notes higher than normal.

“Major.” Her voice was as lovely as the rest of her—soft, sweet, and more provocative than any saloon girl could ever hope to mimic.

She didn’t try to pull her hand away, just let her supple, smooth palm rest against his. Their matching heat mingled, danced. Those blue eyes, still locked onto his, smoldered with enough heat to spark a fire all the way down in Texas. His toes curled inside his boots.

This story has a tale of it’s own behind it. I wrote Kendra’s Choice after hearing about Harlequin’s UNDONE line on a romance loop. I subbed it, but when I hadn’t heard from them after several months, I assumed they weren’t interested and subbed it to The Wild Rose Press last spring. A short time ago, I did hear from Harlequin and they were interested in the story. I told them I’d already sold it and it will be released next month. They did ask me to write and sub another story. I of course wrote another one for them ASAP, and my fingers are crossed that I will hear from them soon.

Other writing news…got a wonderful review from WRDF for Doctor McBride. Reviewer Cyn says, “Fun, intense and satisfying, Doctor McBride is the remedy for any reader.”

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