Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last week I told you about Kendra’s Choice, and how Harlequin had inquired about the story. Well, yesterday, I got THE CALL from them. They offered a contract for the story I wrote for their UNDONE Line! I am so excited for this opportunity. I’ve been reading Harlequin Romance Novels since I was thirteen and dreamed of the day I’d get THE CALL from them.

I rarely turn my computer on before I leave for work in the morning. There just isn’t time, since, for one, I like to sleep as late a possible, (usually because I stay up too late writing every night) but also because I stop to visit my mother on my way to work every morning. Yesterday morning, I was drawn to turn my computer on and there was an email from an assistant editor at Harlequin asking what would be a good time for them to call me. (They are six hours ahead in London.) I emailed back and said I’d be home for an hour and then available by cell all day. After I hit send, I ran into the bedroom and told my husband to get up and sit by the phone while I showered. When I got out of the shower there was an email that said they’d call at 9 AM. I had a 9 AM meeting for work, so I drove to the meeting place and said I had to take a call before I joined the meeting. I sat in my car and at 9 on the dot Harlequin called. They had me on speaker with an editorial assistant and the Sr. Editor of their historical line.

The picture is of flowers my wonderful friend, Robin, sent me yesterday afternoon! The bouquet is beautiful, with many more flowers than pictured, but my two year old granddaughter took the picture. After one shot she decided taking pictures of the dog was more fun. LOL


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Nancy Henderson said...

That's WONDERFUL news! Big congratulations to you. I can't wait to read it!

Robin Allen said...

I can't believe I know a famous Harlequin writer.