Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Party and Reviews

My nephew’s grad party was wonderful. Lots of people, lots of good food, lots of fun, and plenty of folks took their turn in the dunk tank!

Now that the party is over, the company has all left and the house is still fairly clean, I’m hoping to attack all three of my works in progress. I do feel a touch ‘cranky’ because I haven’t had full blocks of time to really dig my heels in and write. When I have had an hour or so it has mainly been spent on research since all three manuscripts are historicals. Actually, that’s how the third MS got started. I was researching for my sister’s story, some of the information I found was very relevant for the fourth Quinter brothers story, and another compelling bit of info I found led me in a whole new direction…thus a new story was born. I love it!

Speaking of stories….Received three wonderful reviews since my last post.

Night Owl Romance gave An April to Remember a reviewer’s top pick. Reviewer Melinda says, “Lauri Robinson did a beautiful job with this book…”

Nights and Weekends gave a very cute review of Doctor McBride. “Filled with fun characters and realistic conversation…this was a pleasing lunchtime read.”

Long and Short Reviews gave Lawmen and Outlaws four books. Reviewer Camellia said of Sheriff McBride. “This fast moving short story keeps the reader totally involved.” Concerning the overall anthology, she states, “LAWMEN AND OUTLAWS is a “mighty fine” read for Historical Western readers and would be ideal for a newcomer to get introduced to this genre.”

Next Tuesday I will be talking to a book club that is reading An April to Remember.

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Paty Jager said...

Glad the party went well. And I know the researching thing so well! It seems like every time I research for one book I find info for several more!

Congrats on all the great reviews! Have fun with the book club.

And I'm feeling cranky, too. Too much running around and not enough writing time.