Saturday, May 30, 2009

No time to write...

I’m feeling a little guilty, almost a month ago I left my hero and heroine for A Sister’s Promise trapped in a cave in Colorado in a snow storm, and I haven’t found the time to pull up the manuscript. Hope to get them out this week. (Fingers are crossed.) Our middle son, his wife, and their two wonderful daughters, moved in with us last Friday. They’d sold their house and bought a new one and needed a place to hang out for a week. We had a wonderful time having them here! I had forgotten how much fun a two year old can have in a bathtub, and how much water gets splashed on the floor! LOL. Tonight is their first night in their new house, and I miss the giggles, good night kisses, and bed time stories! Luckily their new house is only five miles away instead of fifty-five miles like their old one was!

While I was busy with the grandbabies, Doctor McBride was released. Review Your Book gave it five stars. Reviewer Lynn says, “This is a very cute read…” This review site also reviewed An April to Remember. Reviewer Darla, gave it four stars and says, “Fans of romantica will enjoy An April to Remember. And Christa at e-Harlequin wrote a review for An April to Remember. She gave it five hearts, saying, “This was a tearjerker of a story…” One other review came in this week, this one from Romance Junkies for A Wife for Big John. Reviewer Chrissy gave it five blue ribbons and says, “Dani and John bring this story to life…”

So even though no writing got done, overall, it’s been a wonderful week.
Next week, Sheriff McBride is released as part of the Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology at The Wild Rose Press.

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Paty Jager said...

I know the feeling!LOL I finally ahd my house back to myself this past week, but still felt like I didn't get enough writing done! And I found out today starting Wednesday I'll have company again until Sunday! ACK! I have a lot of writing to get done between now and Wednesday!

Awesome review for an awesome story!

I have to get my project done so I can get busy on the Sisters project!