Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Releases

I have five stories that will be released in 2009.

First, in April 2009 will be An April to Remember. April Simonson survives the explosion of the Civil War riverboat the Sultana in 1865, but refuses to leave Memphis until she learns if her brother and niece are still alive. Jerek Brinkley vows to help her, but will his other commitment, to see justice is done to the boat burner, tear them apart?
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Next, in May 2009, will be Rancher McBride. Set in northern Kansas in 1879, Josie Hollister drives her last herd of Texas longhorns from the panhandle, determined to remain in Kansas and marry Calvin McBride. But Cal is just as determined he doesn’t want the woman Josie has become—she’s just like Abigail Christenson. Will Cal come to his senses or will Josie head back to Texas, leaving Cal to wed Abigail?
(E-book only)

Also in May will be Doctor McBride, again set northern Kansas in 1879. Emma Binns knows what she wants, Doctor Jake McBride and is willing to do anything to catch him. Jake is tired of running from Emma, but years ago he promised her father he’d leave her alone, and a McBride’s word is worth its weight in gold. Can her father’s mind be changed, or will Jake be trapped by Abigail Christenson before he has a chance to try?
(E-book only)

Then in June there will be Sheriff McBride, the youngest McBride brother, Adam. His story is part of the Lawmen and Outlaw Anthology and is set in northern Kansas in 1879. Hannah Stewart (Carlton) is wanted by the law, and keeping her secret is impossible when she encounters Sheriff McBride. Adam is convinced he can clear Hannah’s name, but will Abigail Christenson, the woman his brothers sicked on him, be the death of him first? Or then again, maybe the man Hannah refused to marry back in Ohio will shoot him before the wedding.
(Print and e-book)

And later in 2009, Badland Bride, The Quinter Brides Book 2, will be released. It‘s set in western Kansas in 1882. Lila Scott is trying to escape her abuser when she encounters Skeeter (Steven) Quinter and gladly accepts his help. Problem is as soon as he takes her to his family’s home, his mother realizes Lila is pregnant and forces Skeeter to marry her. Can another shotgun wedding turn out to be a blessing in disguise for this second Quinter brother?
(Print and e-book)

Oh, and Shotgun Bride, The Quinter Brides Book 1, will become available in print in February 2009. (Shotgun Bride spent four weeks on the top ten bestselling list at Fictionwise. Today it is still in the top 25 at number 12!)

Am I excited? You betcha!


Paty Jager said...

Congratulations!! You are going to have an awesome year!

Lauri said...

Thanks, Paty. I'm looking foward to this year!

Catherine Bybee said...

Oh, my, Lauri... You've been a very busy girl! Congrats on all your up and comings...