Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays!

The cards are done, decorating is done, most of the shopping is done, still have some baking to do because I want it fresh for the 24th, but overall I’m ready for the Holiday’s to descend the house. We will be celebrating Isabelle’s 2nd birthday on Sunday at her house, then have Christmas Eve here, and Christmas day at our other son’s house. Yes, it will be a busy week! But wonderful and various other family members will be at the different events.

On the writing side of things…I received another review for Shotgun Bride. Love Western Romances gave it four spurs. Reviewer Carol says, “An uplifting novel, full of hope…I can’t wait to read the sequels.” And speaking of sequels, I signed the contract for book 2, Badland Bride! Over the holidays I’m hoping to get the manuscript information sheet completed so I can send it back to my editor when she returns from Christmas break.

I also received the release dates for Rancher McBride (May 13, 2009) and Doctor McBride (May 20, 2009). My beta reader finished my Texas Ranger story, The Wedding Plan, and really liked it, but I want to do a bit more work on it before submitting it, and the 3rd Quinter book, Boot Hill Bride, is about half finished. I am hoping to get some writing done on it between Christmas and New Years.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season full of blessings!


Paty Jager said...

My holiday is ready to swing into action with a party hosted at my house for the local writers group tonight.

Congrats on the great review and release dates.

I'm still plugging along on the WIP. Hope to have the first draft done by Christmas. After tonight I can concentrate fully on that.

Merry Christmas to you! And it already looks like you'll have busting out New Year!

Lauri said...

Have fun tonight Paty! Our group is meeting the Sat. after Christmas and it's always fun!

Enjoy the holiday's, and I know you'll have your WIP completed! You are super woman!

Nancy Henderson said...

I just finished the last of my Christmas wrapping this afternoon. Big sigh...I'm ready. Another big sigh...Happy Holidays!

Lauri said...

Hey Nancy,

I know the feeling...BIG SIGH! LOL.

Happy Holidays to you too!