Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you all remembered to wear green so you didn't get pinched!

This will be a busy week, besides evening work meetings, I have to put together information on the future of e-books and POD publishing for my writers group this weekend, and get ready for Easter dinner here on Sunday. It will be fun to hide a few eggs for Isabelle to find. Here are a couple pictures of her and Bear, (first the pucker, then the kiss). Bear is eight months old, and weighs close to a hundred pounds, yet he is so gentle with Isabelle. They are very good friends. We call them our two grandchildren since Bear is our other son’s puppy.

On the writing side….I got back the galley for An Unbelievable Journey this evening. It so happened tonight was my only free night. I read through it looking for typos, etc. It always amazes me the things I miss during the first 20 or so readings! But it’s always fun to meet up with the characters again. I’m also working on a short story, less than 10,000 words. I’m using it as practice to tighten my writing. It’s set in Kansas in the 1800’s, he’s a sheriff and she’s the outlaw…

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!


Paty Jager said...

Cute granddaughter! And a monster dog! LOL

The short story sounds interesting.

Lauri said...

Thanks, Paty.

I too think she is a real cutie. Grandchild are priceless treasures!
And yes, Bear is a monster of a dog. 20 lbs of puppy chow a week. LOL