Monday, May 7, 2007

Trip to Kansas

Sorry it's been a few days since I posted. My husband and I made a trip to southwestern Kansas to see his Grandfather. We were about eighty miles west of Greensburg which was devasted by a tornado while we were there. Please remember the town and people in your prayers.

We had a nice time visiting family and friends. Grandpa is 88 and lives alone in his own house, so one day was spent cleaning for him. It was quite trying to convince him that tools do NOT belong in the silverware drawer or the dishwasher!

TRUE STORY....Grandma died about ten years ago and after her death we bought Grandpa an answering machine when he complained no one ever called him. He couldn't figure out how to work the machine so once a week he would take it up town to the small Radio Shack store and they would play the messages for him and write down the names he needed to call back.'s a small town! I used this tale as well as some other 'quirks' of Grandpa's in "A Message of Love ".

The quick trip was fun but I must say, I am glad to be back in Minnesota and to have internet access again!

Make it a GREAT Week and Happy Mother's Day to all you MOM"S!

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