Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I've been tagged by Jenna Bayley-Burke to tell everyone 8 things they didn't know about me before!

What a way to start out the morning....Let me think...

1. For Jenna... my favorite show is Deadliest Catch too. My son got me hooked on it.
2. In High School, (many years ago) I lettered in wrestling. (Long story.)
3. I am one of eight children, six boys and two girls. All but one of us are now grandparents.
4. My 24 year old Kitty died last July...Odd thing is I never really liked cats, I got him by default when my boys were little. Still miss him.
5. I am addicted to ice tea. ONLY FRESH BREWED! I drink at least a pitcher a day.
6. My guest room is "Heartbreak Hotel". It is decorated with all of the Elvis memorabilia I have been given over the years. Complete with a full size cardboard cut-out. (Which many guests put in the closet, saying they can't sleep with Elvis staring at them.)
7. My favorite grilled food is an Oscar Mayer hot dog.
8. My dream car is a '65 Mustang. I'm still looking for the perfect one and arguing with my husband about it. (He's a Chevy guy).

I will now tag eight other Wild Rose Press Authors....

In case I tag you, here are the rules:
1) Each player starts with 8 random facts or habits about themselves.
2) People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their 8 things with a copy of these rules.
3) At the end of your blog you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
4) Don't forget to leave them a note saying they've been tagged.

Tag you're it!

Clover Autrey, Marly Mathews, Tina Gayle, Stacy Dawn, Cindy K. Green, Alisha Paige, Gina Black, and Rayna Vause.

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Clover said...

Ah, you tagged me! I didn't know that was on the back of the mugs. Now I really need to get some. Made me laugh out loud.