Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It's November!

That means Unwrapping the Rancher’s Secret is now available in print and ebook formats. 

We had a fun night trick or treating with all the grandkids. Papa hooks the four-wheeler up to the trailer and drives them around town. At one point, our grandson who is only three became tired and decided he didn’t want to knock on any more doors, until the kids returned to the wagon saying they’d received popcorn from one house. His response was “Popcorn?” as he jumped up and joined the rest of them trick or treating once again. 

November 1st also brought my deadline for my latest WIP. A mail-ordered-bride story, where the bride falls in love with a man who hadn’t ordered her. I’m happy to say that book is now with my editor and I’m now working on my next one set in Oak Grove, Kansas. This is also a mail-ordered-bride, and the bride is pregnant. It’s a Christmas tale and I’m looking forward to digging deep into Hannah and Teddy’s story.

The leaves are falling and that means a good amount of time will be spent outside this weekend, getting the yard raked and the flowerbeds cleaned out for winter. I plan on freezing up some pumpkin for winter baking this weekend. I'm also going to pick out some of my favorite recipes to share on my blog this month, so stop by often!

Be happy. Be kind. Be you.

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