Friday, January 1, 2016

It's Here! 2016!

We had a lovely time last night with a couple dozen friends. Lots of laughter and toasts to the old and new year. Our Christmas was truly wonderful and created a host of sweet memories. The chocolate fountain was indeed a hit, and has been proclaimed a must at all family gatherings in 2016.(Minus the huge gummy bear!!)

2016 is already gathering steam for book releases in 2016. Saving Marina will be released in print on January 19th, and ebook on February 1st.  Western Spring Weddings, an anthology with my story, When a Cowboy Says I Do, will be released on March 22nd in paperback and April 1st in ebook. Her Cheyenne Warrior will be released May 24th in paperback and June 1st in ebook.

Seduced in Salem 

Sea captain Richard Tarr must claim his child after the death of his estranged wife. Arriving in Salem, he's shocked to discover his daughter is in the care of Marina Lindqvist—a rumored witch!

This beautiful, gentle woman awakens unfamiliar feelings in Richard. And as the threat from the Salem witch hunters grows, he knows he must protect misunderstood Marina at all costs. Little does he know that with Marina helping him bond with his little girl, she might just be saving him right back…



Penniless, Clarissa Seaforth leaps at gruff rancher Graydon Harris's offer to become his cook. She's never cared for a man before, but surely it can't be hard to learn…

HIS SPRINGTIME BRIDE by Kathryn Albright 

Spring is in the air… Can rancher Gabe Coulter and Riley Rawlins, the boss's daughter, find forgiveness and renew the lovers' vows they made so long ago?

WHEN A COWBOY SAYS I DO by Lauri Robinson 

Dal Roberts must make his sister's wedding a success, which means accompanying seamstress Ellie to Wichita. Could there be a double wedding on the horizon…?

The Cheyenne's captive! 

Runaway heiress Lorna Bradford must reach California to claim her fortune, but when she's rescued from robbers by fierce Native warrior Black Horse, she's forced to remain under his protection. 

Immersed in a world so different from her own, wildcat Lorna learns how to be the kind of strong woman Black Horse needs. But, to stay by his side, she must first let go of everything she knows and decide to seize this chance for happiness with her Cheyenne warrior! 

The fourth release in 2016 will be my Colorado lumber baron story (title still to be determined) in December.  

2016 is already proving to be a wonderful year, and I hope you each make it one of your best years ever!

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