Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dinosaurs and Bucket Lists

Yowzers, I do hope everyone experiencing the weather hitting the East Coast stays warm and safe! 

Any of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen this picture. Last weekend, after the grandchildren left, I put away the toys, but the following morning Papa and I discovered the ‘left over’s’ on the coffee table. We left the dinosaurs as they were, and last evening when Connor arrived, he ran into the living room and in his little—somewhat unclear—two-year-old voice, he shouted to his sister, “Belle! Dinosaur eat!” Oh, yes, he was overly excited to see his dinosaurs. 

His other sister also had good news to share. She arrived saying, “Grandma, did you hear the good news? You got picked to go on my field trip!” Come February, I’ll be heading to the Children’s Theatre as a chaperon for her 1st grade classroom. 

There truly is never a dull moment around here. Recently a friend of mine had some ‘bad’ health news
and decided there were a few things on her bucket list she wanted to complete. Our adventure this week to check off another item, was to the Mall of America where she took a ride on a zip line. (I took pictures—facing my fear of heights isn’t on my bucket list.) As we walked into the mall, I insisted she stand in front of this sign. It’s the perfect message!

It’s also been a wonderful writing week. Scott Eagan of the Greyhaus Literary Agency became my agent, I snapped a picture of Saving Marina sitting on a bookshelf in the Barnes and Noble at Mall of America, and I have been completely engrossed in my latest WIP! I love when stories flow like this one is! 

Along with Saving Marina, I’ll have three other releases in 2016. Western Spring Weddings, an anthology that includes my story, When a Cowboy Says I Do, will be released in April. Her Cheyenne Warrior in June, and a Christmas story, title yet to be determined, in November.

That’s all for now, except that I hope you all find dinosaurs that make you smile, or shout, this week! Make it a bucket list item!

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