Saturday, January 24, 2015

Next Release

A Fortune for the Outlaw’s Daughter will be released May 1st. 

An unexpected treasure…More precious than gold…

Cole "Lucky" DuMont is off to forge his future in the Alaskan hills. Standing in his way? A dark-haired beauty in need of rescue.

Maddie Stockwell's life has always been ruled by men. And now, to ensure her freedom, she strikes a deal with her gorgeous savior: she'll help Lucky in his quest, and find her own fortune along the way! Except when Maddie has to pose as Lucky's wife, she feels a thrill she could never have anticipated. And suddenly there's something even more tempting than gold on her mind…

I really enjoyed writing this story set during the Alaskan Gold Rush.

We have had the most glorious January weather. An unexpected pleasure for sure! The granddaughters were over yesterday and rode the four-wheeler—something that normally can’t happen this time of year.

Speaking of our little visitors, the requested meal for the evening was chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, and as we were all settled in the living room eating and watching the Disney channel, Papa made a comment that when he and I were young we weren’t allowed to watch TV while eating. He went on to say we couldn’t answer the phone, etc. etc. Without missing a beat, one of them said, “That’s probably because you didn’t have electronics when you were little, Papa.”

Other fun things this week….I received release dates for my Daughters of the Roaring Twenties series!
July 1st--The Runaway Daughter (ebook only)
August 1st--The Bootlegger’s Daughter (print and ebook)
September 1st--The Rebel Daughter (print and ebook)
October 1st--The Forgotten Daughter (print and ebook)

Enjoy your weekend, and take time to count your blessings! You may be amazed!

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