Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dedicated to:

Book dedications are usually looked upon as a thank you. An opportunity for an author to publicly acknowledge someone for the inspiration they’ve provided. 

I’ve dedicated books to several people over the years because I’ve sincerely appreciated their inspiration, help, support, and/or assistance in creating/writing the story, and I’ve had them thank me with authentic sincerity, but I’d never watched someone as they read the dedication for the first time. That changed last week.

My next release, Christmas with Her Cowboy, part of Harlequin Christmas anthology, Christmas Cowboy Kisses, is dedicated to our oldest granddaughter. “To my oldest granddaughter, Isabelle. Born on December 23rd, she continues to be a Christmas miracle we enjoy year round.”

After receiving my box of books, I gave one to Isabelle, and pointed out the dedication. Following the words with one finger, she read it aloud. My heart literally swelled when she finished reading and looked up at me with her blue eyes sparkling. Overly excited, she wrapped her arms around me. “Oh, Grandma, thank you.” 

I never imagined she’d be so impressed, but watching her read it over and over, and then aloud to Grandpa and her parents, I saw just how special it was to her. 

Granted, Isabelle is only six, and she loves me unconditionally as I do her, but her reaction gave me a new insight to dedications. They truly are a one of a kind gift that is not given or taken lightly. A true honor to give and receive. The sweet little event that she and I shared when I gave her a copy of this book on my front patio last week will stay with me for years. 

Cherish those little moments that take your breath away—they are the heartbeats of life.

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