Friday, May 31, 2013

Just 18 More Days!

That’s right! The Cowboy Who Caught Her Eye will be released on June 18th! (Mass paperback, the ebook will be released on July 1st.) 

I was given three stipulations with this book. Hero had to be a ‘cowboy’, heroine had to be pregnant, and I had six weeks to write the story.  I said, “Okay.” And hit the computer. Molly and Carter instantly appeared in my head and they laid out their story for me to type. Some stories are like that—just flow. Others, not so much. BUT all is good and I’ll never complain even when some characters take detours from what I think their story should be. 

Last weekend Hubby and I went up north to decorate the graves. I also painted decks and the walkway leading to the ‘facilities’.  We pulled stumps, too, giving us more area to mow, and this is what happened to the hitch after Hubby hooked the chain to the pickup and told me to “Go hard.” Luckily we didn’t have to pull the boat home since he was already planning on leaving it up there for his return this weekend. 

This weekend, besides attending the carnival at my granddaughter’s school, I will be writing to meet my July deadline. This one is a mail order bride/Christmas story that will be released this winter. Poor Chayston, he really doesn’t know what hits him when he has to rescue Violet from the stage stuck in the snow. 

The sun is shining, so I think I’ll move outside to the deck to write…or maybe I’ll go get a pedicure before I hit the keyboard…
Keep smiling. Life is what you make it!

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