Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stetsons and Scandals

Stetsons and Scandals

The final rounds of edits are all done on  my next two stories in Harlequin’s UNDONE line. Dance with the Rancher and Rescued by the Ranger will make up the Stetsons and Scandals miniseries, and both will be released on August 1st.  Of course I’ll post the cover art as soon as I receive it. 

It snowed again here in Minnesota. So much that the school concert was cancelled for our granddaughters as well as Grandparents day at their school. The concert was held the following evening, and was wonderful, and this Friday will be Grandparents Day, so all is well.

We also had some guests for dinner. Due to the snow, the deer are still scrounging for food, and have discovered our bird feeder is open game. We don’t mind in the least, although, when they do come to the feeder, Bear, our 100 lb yellow lab and granddog, believes he’s then allowed on the couch so he too can watch them out the window, too. 

Snow or not, life is good so keep smiling.

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