Friday, April 12, 2013


A book’s journey is never ending. In most cases it starts the moment an idea pops into the author’s head, and from there, it flows forward through months, or longer, of rewrites and edits, and all sorts of behind the scenes work. Years later, long after it’s been published, it continues on, in the hands of readers. I think that’s pretty cool, and must say, there’s really not a part of that process I don’t enjoy.

Some parts are more intense, when I’m connected more passionately with the book, and other times, I have to concentrate to remember the characters and their journeys. I say this because Harlequin will be publishing two of my stories in August, in their UNDONE line for a western themed month, and I received the edits on both books this month. These stories were two or three books ago, and I had to reread each one in order to gain insight on the characters and what they wanted out of life, as well as how they achieved it, before I could work on the edits. That’s not unusual, and I don’t mind in the least, and had to chuckle last night when my husband remarked, “You wrote it, how can you not remember it?”

It’s amazing to me, too, all the file cabinets we have in our brain. How when we start reading, a drawer opens up and all those memories come flowing out. Like when we start watching a movie we don’t remember seeing, but then one pivotal scene happens, and everything clicks. That’s when I normally say, “I have seen this before—the ending is great!” That too—when I do it—drives my hubby crazy.

All that said, Slow Dance with the Rancher and Rescued by the Ranger will both be released in August. Both are fun, short stories. In “Slow Dance”, Rancher Garret McCoy places a bet he can get Rory Boyle to dance with him, even though, Rory—the preacher’s daughter—is none too fond of him. And in “Rescued”, Texas Ranger Trace Edwards returns to Montana to investigate stolen cattle—which also means he has to face Annie, the woman he’d left behind.

It’s a wonderful day for writing, considering it’s SNOWING again! I was hoping to take my Mustang out of storage this weekend. That’s obviously not going to happen.  Papa and I will be going to the Wild Turkey Federation Banquet on Saturday. We are taking two granddaughters this year. The oldest has gone with us the past few years, and now that her sister is four, she’s invited along, too, and overly excited from everything her older sister has told her.  

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog, so I’ll mention we had a fabulous Easter—as I hope you did! My brother and his family drove up from Nebraska, and two other brothers and their families joined us too. The Easter Bunny was good to everyone, besides LOTS of candy filled eggs scattered all over Papa’s garage because the yard was too full of snow, one granddaughter received a live bunny, another a bike and the other a pink BB gun. You can imagine the chaos of all that on your own.

Be good to one another, throw some goodies out to the spring time birds flocking home despite the weather, and give someone a hug for no reason other than you love them.

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