Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet Jack

The granddaughter’s spent the night with us, and the next morning I said we were going to rake leaves and make a dummy. The four-year-old informed me we can’t say dummy, it’s like saying stupid and that’s a bad word, so in the end, he became Jack. (I didn’t explain the hat and shirt say Dale all over them.) They also took the dogs for a walk, until Gander, the yellow lab, simply slipped his head out of his collar and gave me a look that said, “Really?” before he walked to the house to lay down by the front door. Those are tattoos on the girls’ foreheads. We picked up a package of 200 of them, and they were pretty much all gone by the time the girls went home. 

Pooh, our little house companion, is going for a hair cut tomorrow, so he’ll look completely different, and I’ll need to find his sweater for our morning walks. I bought him his own doggie-bed and he absolutely loves it. So does our two-year-old granddaughter that's walking him in this picture. You never know if it’ll be her or Pooh sitting in the bed.  

On the writing side, there’s lots going on…My HQN editor/team is brainstorming titles for the Undone Duet that will be released in January and February, and I’m busy writing the Hanging Judge’s Daughters trio of stories. Also, For a Sister’s Love is still on sale for only .99 cents at Amazon, and has been on the western best selling list. Yippie.

Live in the moment, they go too fast not to appreciate them.

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