Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Columbus Day

Some states recognize it, some don’t, but to me, if the calendar says holiday, I’m game. Actually, I’m game to celebrate every day. That’s how life is meant to be. FYI…States that don’t recognize Columbus Day includes South Dakota, Hawaii, and Alaska. Colorado was the first state to declare it a state holiday in 1906, and it became a federal holiday in 1937. New York was the first city to observe the holiday in 1866.
DH and I celebrated our wedding anniversary last week. We drove up to the north shore and rented a quaint little villa overlooking Lake Superior.  We hiked, went shopping, rode the gondola to see the fall colors, visited several little museums, ate some fabulous meals, and even played a few slot machines. A mixture of things for sure, and the pony car enjoyed the run. She is such a fun car to travel with. However, I was afraid a few of the roads hubby chose for us to take would stone bruise her.  

At one museum I read about a turn of the century business owner that had acquired a set of orphaned moose. He raised them and taught them to pull a wagon, except they would only move when his wife was behind the reins. Word got out, and his business thrived with people flocking the area for a ride all summer. That fall one of the moose came up missing. It was suspected that a rival business owner was behind the disappearance. Lost without her twin sister, the moose died, and so ended the moose rides.  I must say, I found that a sad ending to a delightful story. I guess I’m set on happily ever after endings. 

Speaking of such, I finished a short story about a gambler and sheriff and sent it off to my critique partner and beta reader last week, so I’m back to working on my hanging judge stories this week. The poor man is having a heck of a time trying to marry off his daughters. After all, he would be an intimidating father-in-law. 

I’m off to enjoy the holiday by unpacking and doing laundry, and then emerging in the judge’s story.

Enjoy your day, and remember, you don’t need a holiday in order to celebrate. You are a reason.


Paty Jager said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
My company has officially left so I just might have time to get something done now!

Savannah Rose said...

Happy Columbus Day! :)