Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This is Pooh, the little fellow we inherited from my mother. He is a character and very set in his ways. Such as, he lives to travel. My mom took him everywhere, so when he sees an open car door, he jumps in. He sat in the front seat of my car while I vacuumed it the other day, with no fear whatsoever that I might vacuum him up in the process, and a few nights ago, he was so intent on ‘going’ somewhere, DH took him for a drive down to the mailbox and back.

Pooh went up north with us over Labor Day weekend, and we kept him ‘double’ chained, remembering a couple years ago when he was with us up there and ran away the morning of the 4th of July. 
Our property is in the ‘woods’, eight miles from the closest town. There are miles upon miles of ‘uninhabited’ areas, not to mention bears, wolves, and other forest creatures that might have considered him easy prey.  We searched and searched, on foot and on the four wheelers, for miles on end, but found nothing. The next morning, on the off chance someone might have seen him, we went to town (where the cell phone finally has signal) and called my sister-in-law who went to my mother’s house to check the answering machine in hopes someone had called the number on his tags.  

Sure enough, some people visiting the area (Northern Minnesota) from Florida, had seen him running along the highway, and since there are no visible homes in the area, they had picked him up. An easy task with the way he likes to travel. They left a number for us to call, however, their phone didn’t have signal, either.  We did finally connect, and Pooh and mom were reunited. (Above photo.) We discovered they’d picked him up minutes after he’d “escaped” his chain. They later sent us photos of Pooh at the 4th of July Parade, Pooh at the fireworks, and Pooh at the street fair. We, my husband and I, my mother, son, and daughter-in-law were scouring the woods all that day and therefore missed the parade, street fair, and fireworks.

Needless to say, no matter where we are, DH and I are vigilant in knowing where Pooh is at all times.

Life is good here, the sun is shining and the birds are singing (and Pooh is sleeping at my feet). I plan on making  two more batches of jam, one plum and one raspberry, today, but only after I hit my daily word count. This story is flowing well, and low and behold, the hero has a dog that takes to the heroine right off the bat.

Enjoy life, it’s yours, make it count.