Saturday, September 24, 2011

Perfect Day

We all have a little Buzz Lightyear in us. No matter what anyone says, we know who we are.  And that’s a good thing. 

All is good on the home front. We had DH's happy birthday this week, and a sleepover with our four-year-old granddaughter, who said the next morning, “Oh, Grandma, isn’t this the perfect day? It’s just me and you and Papa and Pooh.” It was a grand day indeed. 

Today I went to a craft sale with my wonderful daughter-in-law Jackie where we bought some lovely and unique items. I truly am blessed. Not only do I have three terrific sons, I have THE three best daughters-in-law on earth. I arrived at Jackie and Cody’s in time to take pictures of them and Bear and Gander (the Granddogs) with their successful morning goose hunt, and then Jackie and I were off to the little town of Nowthen for their Heritage Day festival. 

The story is that when the small town known as Burns Township asked for a post office in 1876, Washington D.C. stated there was already a post office in Minnesota with the name Burnstown Township therefore they couldn’t approve another one and asked for new name suggestions. Jim Hare, the first postmaster, sent a return letter with several suggestions, and ended the letter with ‘nowthen’ as he normally started and ended most sentences. The ‘Post Office Department’ thought that was as good a name as any, and hence the town was named Nowthen. 

I’ve always loved that tidbit of information. I’m a touch behind in my writing schedule with all the visiting this week, so will spend this evening working on edits that are due in October. Aw, yes, another perfect day. 

Remember who you are. It’s important.  

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